Yakimix-ing It Up

Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh, I miss blogging about food. It's something that I haven't done lately and it's not because I'm on a diet. It's just that I didn't have the time. You see, I'm never on a diet. I don't wanna miss out on one of the best things in life, which is food. But if I say so myself, I've lost some weight without a lot of effort. Like a couple of pounds. Hahaha.

And you can't imagine how happy the food blogger in me was when we went to Yakimix for one of our family dinners. Yeah, I haven't blogged about said the resto yet because last time I was there, I didn't bring a camera with me. Boohoo. I love variety, which is something that's never of shortage in an all-you-can-eat buffet. I definitely pigged out that night,  completely ignoring my mom's repeated sermon about how unfortunate diseases, such as high-blood and diabetes, flows through our gene. Well, I say Y.O.L.O.
My plate. And that's not all I ate that night.
I enjoyed the dessert part. I think I have a future in ice-cream scooping.

It was also my cousin's birthday celebration that night and so we got the Yakimix crew to sing her the birthday song. The reaction on her face was so priceless. It was a mixture of undisguised surprise and shame. She thought the whole singing thing was corny. Me thinks so too. Hahaha.

Well, that was that. After that night, I told myself that I don't wanna see any morsel of food for the next few days. Of course that was all a lie. :)

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  1. your cousin's birthday "cake" is cute. :) And those cupcakes look tempting.