Black, White, Silver

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I love shorts. For me, they're the most comfortable piece of clothing ever. You see, I'm not really into wearing jeans because they make my legs itch for some reason. And then I'd get rashes all over which would really, really suck. I love skirts and dresses but I can never move too much in them. With shorts, I feel comfy and I never had to worry about giving a good peep show. 

I love pairing shorts with cute blouses. I am rarely seen wearing a shirt whenever I'm out, unless I'm not in the mood to dress up. Here's what I wore the other day at the mall.
Sheer white blouse and black shorts from a bazaar.

Here, I wore my black shorts with this sheer top. This is one of those days when I was feeling too lazy to mix and match colors so I decided to stick to my favorite neutrals, black and white. I got this blouse back in December in Greenhills, which is one of my fave shopping destinations when it comes to hoarding trendy stuff. One of my personal shopping rules is to never buy trendy pieces at high-end stores but do splurge on classics. Trends go out of style and classics, well, don't.

For my accessories, I decided to just pile on some bangles in the same color scheme, with a hint of silver. I wore two different sets of bangles and I like how it all looked. So cohesive, as if they're all in one set. I also wore this cute kitty cocktail ring. As for my shoes, I went with a pair of leopard-printed flats which I've had for ages. It's silver which went really well with the rest of my outfit.
Check out my arm party! ;)
Sling bag from Marithe + Francois Girbaud. Flats from Tomato.

I also did a bit of shopping that day. I bought some more arm candy because I'm so addicted to them lately. And being a bit predictable with my color preferences, I bought 'em in my usual black and silver.
Bangles set and spiked cuff from A'postrophe.
Watch from Tomato.

A big thanks to my sister, Sam, for being my ever so willing photographer that day. This was taken in Glorietta, just so you know. Yeah, I shamelessly had my outfit shots there and endured weird stares from passersby. All for the love of blogging. :)


  1. I love the layered top!

    (saw your blog on cosmo, and following you now! hope you follow my blogs as well)

  2. I love your top! white and black are my favorite combination. I'm following your blog right now, and I hope you will follow me back, it would be great to keep in touch :D