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Monday, October 15, 2012

Lately, I've been obsessing over my iPhone. I bought it less than a month ago as a replacement for my lost mobile phone and I'm sooo in-love with it. If I could, I'd even marry it. Haha. What I love about the iPhone, other than its features and apps, is that they're so sleek and simple that you can just accessorize it with anything. It's like a blank canvas, but a beautiful one at that. I mean, with or without accessories, it still looks hip. But being my usual accessory-loving self, I couldn't help but spend some moolah on cute and funky iPhone cases. Check 'em out!
This last one is my personal favorite. I like how it looks like a real
camera, and it comes with a strap too. Plus the color's neon which 
I love very, very much.

And speaking of accessories, just check out my new haul. A couple of them were given to me by friends. The rest were from relatives.

I couldn't wait to wear them all. Especially the ones in the first photo, they do have that beach-y, island girl vibe which is quite contrasting with the Christmas season coming up but what the heck. 

So, got any new finds lately? Share it with me. :)

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