Basketball Bonding on a Sunday

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last Sunday, I treated my sister to a basketball game. It is the UP Fighting Maroons against the UE Red Warriors in the men's basketball division in the UAAP. For my readers outside the Philippines, the UAAP is an annual sporting event participated by eight of the top universities in the country.

So my sister and I got great seats to the game. It was a first for her to watch a live basketball game so she was pretty excited. Of course, we supported UP since that's my dear university. But before the game, we had some chow time at Iceberg's. 
Of course, my posts aren't complete without some food porn.
 Our tickets for the game.
 So this is us, being our usual retarded selves.
I think I took these photos before the actual game while the players 
were doing their warm-ups.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos here. I had a really big boo boo the other day. Before processing the photos, I accidentally deleted the ones that I took from my camera. So I had to use the ones that I took using my iPod Touch. Yeah, that was a really stupid move there.

But anyways, I still hoped you enjoyed this post. Lesson learned here. I have to be careful next time when clicking and selecting the items or icons on my screen. So with my previous post and this one, I practically told you how I spent my weekend. What about you? How was yours? :)

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