Tagaytay Weekend

Monday, July 16, 2012

So I had the most relaxing weekend I've had in a month. I've been so stressed out lately that I was craving for some much needed rest and relaxation. Good thing my good friend, Kams, invited me to their house in Tagaytay. Even if it was just a short drive from the city, it was a nice getaway. I was able to squeeze it into my somewhat busy schedule.

Before the road trip to Tagaytay, we stopped by for a few hours in Alabang Town Center where we had lunch with her family. She has such cool parents. And her mom is so much like mine. We ate at North Park where I stuffed myself silly with the fish fillet.
Crispy Liempo
Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu Fillet

Afterwards, we went strolling and window shopping in Alabang Town Center's new wing to check out the stores there. I must say, I'm loving all of it. I can't wait to drag my own mother there for some real shopping. Teehee. Anyways, after that we finally had the long drive to Tagaytay. I slept through it.

Kams and I were dropped off at Spa On The Go where we each had an hour of massage. She had the combination massage of Swedish and Shiatsu while I just had the Swedish. It was really relaxing though my back kinda ached a bit. Well, a lot. Haha. Spa On The Go's services are very affordable. Massages start from P300 per hour. Plus, if you'd go there from 10am to 4pm, all massage rates have P50 off. 
Okay, so this photo's not really good. Haha.

After some pampering, we hung out for a bit in Fruits in Ice Cream at The Cliffhouse. I ordered a single scoop of cookies 'n' cream, which is my favorite ice cream flavor, topped with chocolate chips. It was really good. Then her brother picked us up, and we all headed over to their house for late dinner, some TV time, and girl bonding.
Here's a snapshot of us. :)

Kams has a personal blog which you can check out here. Well, that's all for my weekend. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 'Til the next one, folks. XOXO. :D

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