Make-Up 101: Bright Eyes

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hi there, everyone. It's been a while since I last posted a make-up tutorial so here's one. You see, I was so bored today and I couldn't go out since the weather here is really bad. I don't want to go out and get stranded because some areas in Manila are flooded. Safer to just stay at home, you know.

So for this post, I'm going to show you how to get those bright eyes, as the title suggests. A while ago, I've been Googling for some ideas. Every idea looks great but some are just too much so I decided to do one that would be perfect for normal days. One that's not too extreme or costume-y.

Let's start with what I used. For my make-up base, I use The Face Shop's Lovely ME:EX base. It comes in two tints: purple and green. The purple is for yellow-based complexion while the green is for red-based. I use the purple one. The I used The Face Shop's liquid foundation and also their Lovely ME:EX powder. Then here are the other products.
E.L.F.'s green and brown eye shadow palette. But I just used the 
green shades.
Color Design's eyeshadow palette.
Avon's Smooth Minerals blush in Blushed.
Color Design's lip stick in Sheen.

So here's what did:
  1. I started by cleansing my face. Then I applied the primer and the foundation. The secret to great make-up is a clean and even base. The face is like a canvas for any make-up artist.
  2. For the eyes, I started with the green shades. I applied the light green shade first, brushing outward from the inner corners of the eyes, covering the rest of the lower lid. With the dark green, I applied it starting from the outer corners of the eyes brushing inward. Then I blended the two shades together.
  3. Instead of using eyeliner, I used the dark brown eye shadow. Then I used the skin-toned shade to add  some shimmer on the area below the eyes, just above my cheekbones.
  4. Next, I applied some white eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyes for more shimmer. And to make my eyes brighter. 
  5. I finished off the eye make-up by curling my lashes and putting some mascara. No falsies for me.
  6. Then I added just a hint of blush so as to highlight the eyes.
  7. For my lips, I used nude lipstick and put on some petroleum jelly for that added gloss.

Additional tip, it's best to wet the eye shadow brush for a longer lasting eye make-up. Also, petroleum jelly is a perfect substitute for colorless lip gloss. All in all, it took me just about fifteen minutes. It's that easy and you can do this every day.

And here's the over-all look.
Bright eyes indeed.
Okay, so the make-up's hardly noticeable in this photo. I blame the 
bad lighting in my room. Teehee.

What do you think? Of course, you're always free to leave some comments and suggestions. I would really appreciate it.

Okay, so that would be all. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hop you learned a thing or two from me here. Hihihi. 'Til next post. :D

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