Caffè Ti-amo

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today, I went out with my sister, Sam, for some girl bonding over movies and coffee. We went to Glorietta 4 and watched The Dark Knight Rises. I had my fill of some eye-candy but to be honest, I'd prefer Joseph Gordon Levitt over Christian Bale any day.

After the movie, we decided to chill out some more. I really wanted to hangout at this new but very popular doughnut and coffee place but it was packed. The line at the counter was very long and there was practically nowhere to sit on. So much for my doughnut cravings. But then I remembered that there's this coffee shop that I haven't checked out yet. And so we went there.

Caffe Ti-amo is an Italian cafe that which is famous for their delectable gelato. They also  serve premium coffee. I ordered their yogurt frappe and it is simply to-die-for. And the dark chocolate gelato is just so yummy. It's not too sweet which is exactly how I like it. One thing I noticed though is that their gelato melts quicker compared to others. Plus, the service is kinda slow. We had to wait for a few minutes to get our order. One bonus is that the place has free wifi which is what I always look for when I'm out dining, being the social-networking  addict that I am. Oh, and the food and drinks are actually not that pricey.
 Dark Chocolate Frappe for Sam.
 Yogurt Frappe for me.
Waffle Gelato, in yummy dark chocolate.
Sam looking so cute in her heart-printed top.

Caffe Ti-amo is located on the ground floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati. I don't know if they have other branches. I would recommend it if you're looking for a cool new place to hang-out that serves authentic Italian gelato and great coffee.

And here are a couple more photos that I took today.
Awesome movie!
Sam and myself. Yeah, for sisters, we don't look alike.

So I had fun today. I had a very relaxing and enjoyable day. I guess this would be the highlight of my weekend. 'Til next blog post, everyone. :D


  1. Hi. I just read your comment and I followed you already. Thanks for visiting my blog :))

    1. Thank, dear! Following you as well. :D

  2. Had a great time also at the Cafe Ti-Amo. Love their affogato and their choices of gelato as well. That's why I keep on coming back! <3

    Btw have you seen their promo posted on Metrodeal? I think it's great! Here's the link to their promo btw: Cafe Ti-Amo