Sunday Shopping

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi there! I just wanna share with you the stuff that I bought yesterday. I got these things as a treat for myself for being such a work-a-holic. I think that I deserve this. Haha. I actually didn't plan on buying something yesterday but I met up with someone earlier for business purposes and I got some time to kill afterwards. So here's what I got, and they're all from my fave store, Forever 21:
I'm loving the print on this top.
Neon is in!!! I'm all for colors nowadays. Goodbye to my monochromatic 
black and gray ensembles.
This one fits me perfectly. Just the right length for my taste. And it's not 
that tight either.

So there you go. That's about it for my mini shopping spree. I can't wait to wear all these, preferably on the beach. I have another trip coming up soon and I'm so excited. I'd better get the best of my summer wardrobe ready. Toodles! :D


  1. love the neon tank!

  2. it all looks lovely! i especially like the floral print top!
    have a lovely weekend! xoxo