Did I Mention That I Just Love Animal Prints?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yeah, I do. I still do even though that trend has already come and gone. Which is why when a friend of mine sold this particular necklace online that she purchased in South Korea, it took me about a split second to reserve it. And I finally got it!

She bought it in Forever 21 in South Korea. According to her, everything there is less expensive compared to the prices here in the Philippines. Other brands such as H&M and Zara included. Hmm. South Korea? Maybe that's my next shopping destination. Anyways, back to the necklace. It's just so cute and quirky. Plus, it comes in my favorite color which is pink. Check it out. 
See what I mean?

Oh, and have you noticed the background of the first picture? That's my bed sheet. And it's animal-printed too. One of my aunts gave it to me. It's just so adorable. 
I live on the wild side. Even when I'm asleep! Haha!

So that's it for today. Sorry for the lack of posts. Been too busy lately with house-hunting and vacation planning and what-not. And everything's just so exhausting. Ugh.

Fingers crossed for a more relaxed week next week! :)


  1. Really? It's cheaper in South Korea? Never knew that. Then, I must bring extra shopping money for my 2013 trip! Haha! Nice blog, by the way. :)