Yhansy Fancy

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorry for the corny title. Teehee. I couldn't think of anything else that rhymes with Yhansy. So last night, I passed by Edsa Shangri-la Mall like I always do on my way to work and I decided to pass by Yhansy. It is one of my favorite boutiques for accessories. About a third of my accessories were bought from Yhansy. I've always loved that their pieces are very trendy and feminine. And last night, I saw this really chic pair of earrings and a pretty ring with very girly details. Of course, I couldn't resist from purchasing them. 

Here, let me show you a couple of photos of what I got.
I love that this pair looks edgy with just a little hint of girly.

This one is so feminine. I really love everything about this ring.

Like what you see? You can view more of their pieces in their Multiply site here. You can also check out and like their Facebook page here. Follow them on Twitter @yhansymanila

That's it for this post. Stay tuned for more of my shopping escapades. So tell me, what is your most recent purchase?

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  1. Adorable! :)

    you have a great blog here.

    Truly, Callie