Two-Day Shopping Trip

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last weekend, I went on a small shopping spree for two reasons. First, it was payday and I was loaded with cash. Second, I was a bit stressed out and I needed retail therapy to take my mind off things. But this shopping trip was unplanned, to tell you the truth. Everything just kinda happened, so there.

My first day of shopping was on Saturday. My original plan that day was to see two of my favorite DJs, Chico and Delamar, on their book-signing in Robinsons Galleria. I went with my sister. Little did we know that only the first 450 people can get their books signed. Yeah, too bad for us. So instead of staying at the event and watching enviously as people were having their books signed, we decided to do a little shopping. And here are the things that I got.
Gray cover up and pink top, both from a thrift store. Yellow pleated skirt from What A Girl Wants (WAGW).

I'm loving this skirt that I bought from WAGW. I first saw WAGW clothes on blogger Kryz Uy, and I fell instantly in-love with them. I like that the clothes are so girly and chic.

That was it for day one. Eventually, my sister and I got tired of walking around Galleria so we decided to head home just in time for dinner.

Now, let's move on to day two. It was a Monday morning. I totally skipped Sunday and just stayed at home for some quiet time with my boyfriend. Haha. Okay, back to the topic. On Monday, I went out on my own to buy some groceries. I was running low on stocks in my fridge. Plus, I really needed to buy toiletries that day. I did my grocery shopping at The Landmark Supermarket but I wasn't in the mood to go home yet so I strolled around Glorietta and SM Makati for some window shopping. I ended up buying several stuff anyways. Oh, impulse. Tsk tsk.
Button-down blouse that I got from The Landmark.

Check out the cutesy hearts print!

Floral cut-out top and blue strapless dress, both from Forever 21.

Necklace from The Landmark. I love it's earthy tones and how it would accentuate any outfit.

Three studs for less than P100 from The Landmark. It's perfect for those days when I'm wearing chunky necklaces. Small earrings like these balance out a loud outfit.

Okay, so all in all, I didn't actually spend a lot on all these things. I'm proud of myself for that. Haha. I may be a bit of an impulsive shopper but I'm the thrifty kind. Oh, and I just want to say that The Landmark has the best and most affordable selection of accessories ever. I was never the type of person who would splurge on accessories so The Landmark is the perfect place to shop. 

Well, that's that for my weekend shopping adventures. 'Til next post. XOXO.

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