Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm not really a sneakers-wearing girl, but I must say, cool sneakers are your best bets if you want to make a statement and look relaxed or laid-back at the same time. I rarely buy sneakers but when I do, I make sure that it's something you won't find just anywhere. This is where iNDefinitestone comes in. Owned by artist, Nel Paredes, iNDefinitestone specializes in custom-designed sneakers. Here are some samples.
Buzz and Woody



Music = Love

Trompe L'oiel

Each one is uniquely designed and hand-painted by Nel Paredes. He started out by making shirt designs for local bands, and eventually moved on to creating artworks on shoes. And they were a hit. They're artworks that you can wear.

Plus he also designs canvas bags. I just had to post this because there is one design that I really, really like. Here's a photo of it.
The Beatles
(All photos in this post are owned by iNDefinitestone.)

Want to see more? Just visit iNDefinitestone's site at Multiply here. For easy access, you can just click the iNDefinitestone button on my sidebar. :) Or you can also visit and like their Facebook page here

Want a custom-designed, artistic, and cool pair of shoes? Prices range from 1200-1500php only. You can order via email at or by just leaving a message (@Nel Diamond) on Facebook. Don't forget to include your shoe size, shoe type (slip-ons, classic sneakers, etc.), and the design that you want. :)

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