Hearts Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I had an interesting Valentines day. I'm so happy that I got to be with all the people I love. Let me tell you about it. But I don't want to bore you with heavy details so I'll just make it short and sweet. Here goes.

I spent the morning with my mom. We bonded over our favorite past time which is, well, shopping. It was fun. We headed home afterwards. I rested for a while then I left again to pick up the flowers that I got for my mom. Boy, it was crazy at the flower shop! Lot's of customers! I was disappointed of their service because I pre-ordered the bouquet two days ago and it still wasn't available for pick-up. So I requested that they make the bouquet bigger and they obliged. Haha! Then I went home and gave my mom the bouquet. Of course, she loved it. And then I cooked dinner for all of us. That was that.
Bouquet of assorted flowers from David's Flower Shop.

Bread from French Baker. Chicken pasta alfredo by me.

Oh, the pasta tasted great, by the way. Considering that it was my first time to make this dish. So yay me! Haha. So that's was how I spent my fourteenth of February. No cliches, except for the bouquet of flowers that I gave my mom. And it was assorted! Because I didn't want it to be all roses. I'm just the sweetest daughter, aren't I? Teehee. So, tell me, how was your Valentines day? :)


  1. Aaww those flowers are so beautiful! x

  2. i really like your blog girl!!!
    verry niceeeeeeeeeee

  3. Amazing pictures, love!

    Kisses fom SPain!


  4. Sound like you had a great day!!!! Thanks for following. Following you back.)