Saturday, February 11, 2012

I've been doing a lot of updating in my wardrobe t last and I found myself hoarding shoes, bags, and clothes since January. So what's missing here? Accessories. That's what. So just recently, I got myself a little something something. 

As you might have noticed, time is passing by really quickly. One day, it's new year and the next second, you'd notice that it's already February. And the next thing you'll know, it's already summer. Well, here in the Philippines, that is. And what better way to get ready for summer than to stock up on those summer must-haves, right? So I started with this really cute cap from Calvin Klein. I love that it's white and it looks really, really clean and chic. Then there's this pair of aviators from Forever 21. I figured they would add some rocker vibe to any outfit.
Say hello summer with these fab finds!

Also, I'm addicted to necklaces with long chains and large, chunky pendants. There's this necklace that I got from my aunt. I love that it's silver and that it would go well with anything. Then there's this other one which is kinda quirky because of it's pendant. It's a bikini top and bottom. I got it at one of the stalls in Metrowalk.
Heart necklace with key.

Lookey! It's so summery!

Of course, I shouldn't forget about my gadgets. Or gadget, rather, which happens to be my favorite one. It's my iPod Touch. You may find it hard to believe but I love my iPod more than my cellphone. Going on a day without contacting anyone? I can live with that. But going on a day without music? That's a no-go for me. Haha. So I dressed up my iPod with a case in, none other than, pink. And for my earphones, I went for this set from Hed Kandi. Again, it has this pink cord with aqua earpieces. Pink and aqua, my two most favorite colors. Of course, accessorizing my iPod Touch wouldn't be complete without a cute and kitschy wallpaper to go with it. And a girly one at that.
My very girly gadget.

Check out Poolga for their cool wallpapers for iOS devices. Each one of their wallpapers is a work of art created by illustrators and graphic designers all over the world.

Well, that's it for my post. Today's a Saturday here on my side of the world. It's the start of the weekend for me and I haven't done anything productive other than buy food and cologne for my puppy. Oh, one last thing that I wanna share with you. Teehee. Valentine's day is just around the corner and I'm so excited. Not because I have someone special to share it with. Well, that's one reason but it's because of what my sister and I have in store for our mom. We'll be the sweetest daughters in the world on that day. Hint: think Valentine's day cliches. Haha. So what are your V-day plans?


  1. Hi Eva.
    Love your blog.
    It will be interesting to find out what your sister and you have in store for your mom.
    We wish you and your sister and your Mom a happy Valentine's day.
    We follow you...we would be happy if you would follow us.K?
    Love, Joan and Joann

  2. Hello Eva! Thank you for dropping by my blog and for commenting.
    I love the color or your earphones! Hed Kandi's really awesome with colors.

    I followed your blog.

  3. nice post dear! :)
    checkout mine if u have a chance,thankyou :)

  4. surely follow each other dear, follow u already, follow me back? :)