Make A Statement

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's a weekend and I'm bored. So even though there's nothing spectacular with my outfit today, I decide to make a post about it. Today, I'm just wearing a statement shirt that I got for only P200 and denim shorts that I had forever. For me, a statement shirt is the perfect solution for those days when you've got nothing to wear. It's easy and effortless but at the same time, it gives that extra oomph and attitude to an outfit. Top it with some accessories and you're good to go.

WASTED YOUTH shirt. Denim shorts from Mudd. Multi-layered necklaces from The Landmark.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos here. Oh well. Haha. Never mind that now. Cheerios! :D

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  1. I like your t shirt, it's really cute! Thanks for commenting on our blog, we now follow you!(:

    Olivia from The Glamour Girls