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Thursday, January 19, 2012

This post is a bit overdue thanks to my friend who just uploaded the photos recently. I forgot to bring my trusty Canon that day. But enough excuses for now.

Two weeks ago, I went out with some girl friends for dinner at UP Ayala Land Technohub. Coming from a sports event, we were very starved by that time and we just wanted to eat something heavy and fast. Which is why we chose Seafood Island Grill, whose menu is mostly of Filipino delicacies. We ordered their pork sinigang and pork sisig with servings good enough for four. Lotsa pork, I know. Haha! Just the right amount for us. The service was fast and the food was delicious. I especially liked the sisig, considering that I don't eat this particular dish that much.

And now let's get to the photos. I've only taken a few.

 Pork sinigang.

Pork sisig.

 The girls, PM and Doni.

 Yours truly and Lany.

Sorry for the yellow-ish tint of the photos, though. Haha. But anyways, I would recommend going to Seafood Island Grill. Great food and great service at affordable prices. Well, that's about it for this post. Ciao!

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