Spritz and Blush

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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I had a really bad Monday night shift because of some happenings at work. I was kinda ticked off. And add the fact that I've been sick during the past few days. Anyways, I'm not here to rant. I'm here to rave. Haha. That's because I bought some things the next day to cheer me up. Yes, that's retail therapy at its best. And here's what I got. 

Funny by Moschino. Shower gel, perfume, and body gel.  The scent is so sweet and feminine. It gives such a long lasting fragrance when used altogether.

Lovely ME:EX Blusher from The Face Shop. I love how my face shimmers in this, especially when used with The Face Shop's liquid foundation and loose powder.

Like I always say, nothing cheers me up like new stuff. So goodbye, bad vibes. 


  1. I need to try some of these!!!!


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    Much love,
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  3. Ohh I want to try the blush now. It looks really nice.

    Where can you buy the blush?

    I agree, gotta love the new stuff. I am glad your day wasn't so bad.


  4. I had that Moschino, ant it was beautiful and fresh :)

    Sure, let's follow each other, follow you now :*

  5. @my mini bag: I got this from The Face Shop. It's a brand of make-up from Korea. :)