Color Me Sunshine

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I got a mani-pedi about an hour ago because it's been weeks since I last had one. My nails were already screaming for some pampering. As usual, I had to go through the usual "which-nailpolish-color-should-I-pick dilemma". I wanted something bright, preferably neon to make a statement. Then I saw this shade of yellow and I immediately liked it. It looks so cute and sunshiny.

 Now, who wouldn't feel bright and cheery in this shade?

Well, that's about it for this post. Haha. Hope everyone's having an relaxed and stress-free week as I am. Cheers!

Vain! Showing off my nail colors here. Hihi.


  1. Hi Eva!

    Thanks for following my blog, I followed you too! I will try greeting the new year with a smile. Thank you so much for your advice. :)

    Love your nails by the way! Sadly, I can't pull off yellow since my skin tone is a bit yellow-brown. Hahaha. Makes my nails all weird. :P

    Renee J.

  2. I remember I used to have yellow toenails. It felt like rebellious. lol nice :)

  3. very nice! I've always wanted to try neon yellow nailpolish lol


  4. Thanks for the comments. Appreciate it. :)